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ROPAC® Premium Packaging Protection

UN Certification

What is a UN packaging?

Packaging for shipping hazardous materials has to be certified to UN standards. The international agreements for the carriage of dangerous goods require packaging to be of a design-type certified by a national competent authority.

This involves testing the packaging to ensure its suitability for the carriage of certain dangerous goods. Such packaging is often referred to as "UN certified" and carries a UN mark containing codes, the details of which may be found in part 6 of ADR. Ropac® offers UN certified packaging for both hazardous solids and liquids.

For the transport of hazardous liquids the Ropac® pails of the UN liquid range are certified for class Y and Z, packing group II and III, 100 kPa with a specific density up to 2,1 kg/dm3.

Let us be your partner to assist you with UN packaging.

UN ISO Certification
BVT - UN Certification / ISO
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